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SAP CX Expert services

Moving from a fragmented IT landscape into a future-proof front office powering seamless customer experience in multiple channels requires strategy and a phased approach.


Remit help, advice, and assist with SAP CX strategy and roadmaps. Upgrade SAP Hybris to SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP CX strategy and roadmap

We at Remit are experts and have done multiple cloud migrations from on. prem to CCV2. Each project is unique, but typical cloud migration is done in phases, upgrade, refactor of the integration layer if needed typically replacing Datahub with SAP Cloud platform integration, and last phase the actual migration to the cloud. Performance and code audit.

How can you be confident that your e-commerce platform can handle the increase in traffic and transactions while delivering a seamless experience for your customers? This is where Remit can help.


We are performance experts. They ensure they look at the whole solution, not just the SAP Commerce/Hybris e-commerce element. Remit can quickly and accurately perform a targeting health check.


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Based on SAP Upscale Commerce and SAP Commerce Cloud, we implement SAP Customer Experience using agile project methods along with industry best practices providing a solution on time, to budget, and at a fixed price.

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