About us

A company can differentiate itself from competitors in one of two key ways: by providing a superior customer experience or by offering the lowest prices. For companies that prefer the former, digital channels are by far and away, the most cost-effective way of working with their Customers.

At Remit we work with Transformation and Technology for Unified Commerce, the ability to always provide relevant and seamless customer experiences in all channels on individual bases where each channel empowers all other channels.

We believe that the winners of the Experience Economy will be the companies that are able to innovate fast over time. That is why we chosen to work with the best solutions with comprehensive capabilities to execute with clear long term roadmaps. The capability of organizations to adopt and excel are the key to unlock the potential in the technical capabilities that comes solutions. This is where we find the transformation.  

We are founded in 2010 and are based in Stockholm Sweden and work primarily with customers headquartered in the Nordics with customers ranging from 50 to +75.000 employees. We bring competence and experience from +100 customer experience projects.   


All customers are unique but our general approach. Transform based on a strategy and start with a Minimum Value Product based on solutions and platforms for the future.  


A MVP solution then comes with more capability than a normal organization can adopt short term why an step by step approach for adoption based on best practice is reommended.   


The winning receipt is to unlock the capabilities in a organized way driving the desired KPI's.  

Please contact us for more information and demo of how others are working.