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E-commerce based on AI and Slow Fashion.


The fashion chain JOY, which for many years has delighted Swedish women with their quality clothes, has been resurrected in a completely new form.




SAP Upscale Commerce and SAP Emarsys

E-commerce based on AI and slow fashion

JOY no longer has any physical stores, but instead invests heavily in e-commerce and personal advice. The founders see themselves as a startup that wants to build the next generation of e-commerce based on AI and slow fashion – a more sustainable option with clothes that last several seasons.


— We are really in a paradigm shift around e-commerce and digital channels. The trade has so far been able to make a living from having large product catalogs but they do not provide the best customer experience. Instead, customers want inspiration, advice, and, in our case, ready-made combinations of clothes that fit their own style – and that last many seasons, says Anna Ullman Sersé, CEO and one of the new partners.

First in the world

The three founders behind the reboot consist of Anna Ullman Sersé, Åsa Parsmo, and Sofia Valentin. All three have solid experience in retail consulting and have worked most of their professional lives helping retail companies with customer experiences and working more customer-focused.


Anna has also been CEO of Nelly, which has a leading position in selling online to a younger target group with the help of inspiration.

JOY is the first company in the world to choose a combination of SAP Emarsys and SAP upscale commerce cloud solutions from SAP with smart e-commerce and customer engagement capabilities.

More cost-effective in the long run

Better customer experiences have been a cornerstone of the relaunch of JOY and absolutely crucial in the choice of the technical platform. The ability to restart also allowed them to directly transition to cloud solutions that you can grow in – and get a smaller IT department in the bargain.


– It's a big advantage for a startup like JOY. We do not want to build up an oversized organization, but to purchase services for, for example, IT and accounting. It will be more cost-effective in the long run, says Sofia Valentin, Sales, and Marketing Manager.


Advanced features with Emarsys

– Emarsys comes with a large number of advanced features that allow us to grow over time. AI is magical because it automates the work and allows us to expand and respond to more customers with different needs in a personal way, without being intrusive, says Sofia Valentin.


With SAP Upscale Commerce, JOY got AI-powered e-commerce with smart product recommendation features where you can mix and replace images, videos, texts, and other content yourself. Upscale also has built-in logistics which makes it possible to pick up and ship goods directly to the customer.

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