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Jollyroom is the Nordic region's largest e-commerce company in children's and baby products. The company has over two million customers and more than 35,000 products for children between 0 and 12 years old. There is also a comprehensive range for pregnant women.


Jollyroom was founded in 2010 and has around 500 employees in Sweden and Norway. The goal is to continue to grow and become the leading player in Europe in children and baby products - and the first store outside Sweden opened in Oslo in April 2023.


Already using an ERP system from SAP, Jollyroom chose to supplement it with SAP Emarsys - a cloud-based platform for customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation. 


The first step is to use SAP Emarsys to take control of existing customer data so they can work more actively with it.


As SAP partner, Remit have been the driving force in the implementation and we also assisted with data profiling to identify the potential of the data.


Predicting and suggesting the next purchase

The key to success is data - information about what customers have bought and a tool to predict and suggest their next purchase. Until the children are about twelve years old, Jollyroom expects  there is about 30-35 products that a typical family with children really needs. For example, if you have bought a duo stroller, there is a clear pattern for what the family is looking for twelve months later.


Customized offers and a new community

By making communication with Jollyroom even more relevant and customized the customers will notice the change. Instead of noise and advertisements about new products, they will receive tips and offers just right for their family.


At the same time, customers are asking more and more questions in various forums before buying something. Jollyroom wants to be relevant there too.


Continued focus on sustainability

Jollyroom is investing heavily in sustainability and the new, state-of-the-art warehouse and office space in Torslanda has one of the largest roof installations of solar cells. They have also built an advanced robotic warehouse and worked to remove all air from the packaging with new carton sealers. There is still more to do on the sustainability effort, but with the right IT support, Jollyroom can now measure their environmental footprint of their products in detail, and are making a fresh start with the entire product family. 

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