SAP Upscale Commerce - Next generation B2C

SAP Upscale Commerce is the next generation e-commerce platform. Made for more efficient and easier handling of scalable e-commerce with less need for IT.

Ultra low TCO - Simpler, Smarter, More Efficient

Simpler, Upscale is cloud-based, constantly updated with new functionality.

Smarter, built-in AI optimizes profitability and at the same time automates much of the work that is traditionally done manually.

Scale More Efficient. Bulk work with, sites, products and content in several languages.

The combination provides unmatched low cost of ownership without sacrificing flexibility and future needs.

Fast go-live - 3 alternatives

SAP Upscale commerce is cloud-based and is constantly updated with new functionality. Forget services, upgrade projects and capacity issues.

It offers 3 Go-live alternatives without sacrificing future requirements for flexibility and scalability:

Finished Storefront: Go-live on days, lowest TCO in the industry. 

Custom storefront: Go-live in weeks, solves enterprise needs. 

Headless: Fully customized storefront, use only what is needed, API microservices.

Intelligent from start

Self-learning and predictive AI lets you sell more with increased profits that automatically scales over the season's variations. Automatic real-time optimization of product exposure, personalization, distributed order management, continuity programs and order fulfillment.

No more addons that create as many problems as they solve.

Create experiences in minutes

The SAP Upscale commerce platform is both agile and flexible.

With reusable blocks of functionality that automatically adapt to each device, fantastic experiences are created in minutes, whether it is a pop-up store or a brand new e-commerce site.

Continuity commerce

Instead of buying back customers through ads, let them place future orders from the beginning.

SAP Upscale Commerce comes with support for AI-powered follow-on buying programs. Typically, the number of orders increases from 1-2 to 3-6 per year for the customers who participate in the programs.


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