Taking the step towards a digital transformation, presenting the right product recommendations and creating a personalized customer experience. 

Client: Dafgårds

Year: 2021

Platform: SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud

Project background

Dafgårds is a family company established in 1938. It started out as a small butcher and has since then moved from only selling raw products to processed and ready meals. It went from meat to meatballs to lasagna to bread. 

The time had come for Dafgårds to step in to the digital arena and they needed a smart platform that would enable them to communicate the right products and the right message to their customers. 

Since the brand is in many ways associated with ready-made food, they needed to emphasize that they also supply raw materials to restaurants at competitive prices. They devised a strategy to target another target group - the chefs.

The project

Our mission became to push the Dafgårds story, move away from a price-centric business model, win new customers and focus on quality, commitment and love for good food. However still keeping it simple - easy to order, easy to sell. 

We set out to build a likable and trustworthy site that would enable Dafgårds to grow and be the premier service provider in their category, thus keeping the spirit of Dafgårds; home made food, cooked with care and a genuine interest of food from the ground up.


Dafgårds is most known for ready meals which contradicts with their main target group – the chefs. One key part of the project was to target this group and focus more on quality and affordability of the products and make chefs aware that Dafgårds can deliver much more than ready meals and instead take on a supportive role as supplier of raw materials. 

One of the biggest challenges faced was that Dafgårds was in fact competing with the chefs themselves - the more they promoted ready meals on the consumer side the less chefs wanted to buy.

It is was therefor very important to try to change the perception of ready meals and make them as natural as buying pasta or tomato paste. 

The new strategy was to move away from focusing on price and lift the quality and have the right price from the beginning. 

The solution

By building a simple, content rich site, using visual storytelling along with of a seamless, personalized and easy to use purchase flow, Dafgårds wishes to build a B2C-like experience with the B2B business logic and be at the forefront of the digital market. Their goal is to build a brand for Food service along with ready meals and make it easier for the customer to order and reorder previous orders.